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Geoffrey Wanjala, Agribusiness Advisor at CGA under Farm to Market Alliance sent us this report from a farm in Busia County. As soon as our product was commercialized (March 1, 2021), FtMA eagerly jumped in to conduct field trials. This is the mid-season report along with Wanjala's valuable endorsement. 

The BBC NewsDay program featured the Toothpick Project on April 5, 2021. This is the short 2 minute highlight of the interview with Dr. David Sands. For the full interviews, (each under 5 minutes) see below. 

This March 12, 2021 press conference was hosted by the Director General of the Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization. The highlight video include three presentations: first is the KALRO DG, Dr. Eliud Kireger; 2nd is Newton Kisala, Toothpick Company Ltd. General Manager; and 3rd is Ann Nyangasi, a farmer who has hosted demo plots on her farm.

April 5, 2021 BBC World News Service NewsDay:

Interview: Marygoretty Chitira - a small scale farmer in Bungoma County, Kenya

April 5, 2021 BBC World News Service NewsDay:

Full Interview: David Sands, Professor of Plant Pathology, Montana State University

In May of 2018, Claire Sands Baker and Dr. David Sands gave a talk at TEDxBozeman about the Toothpick Project. While some "goofs" happened during the talk, it was a great opportunity to get the project's work out there. The talk was well received by the audience as well.  


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